jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2018

Allan came to our school


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  1. Alan came to school, he came to visit our and we learned a lot listening to his.
    Alan's birthday is on the 19 of February. Alan lives in Albaicin.
    Alan likes films in black and white, he likes opera music.Alan work and hobby s painting.Alna is a landscape painter.
    Alan was worn in England,Cambridge but he lives in Granada for twenty-five years.
    Alna loves to walk for Granada street and to swimg in the sea in Almeria and Almuñecar.
    Alan is a good Xaro and Joaquins's friend because they live in the Albaicin.
    Alan likes to readbut he doesn't like to read before to sleep because he says than if he to read before to sleep his neck hurts.
    Alan doesn't like breixit and he doesn't have any child.