lunes, 23 de octubre de 2017

Halloween and All Saints' Day



We also learnt very intersting things!

All Saints' Day information

Halloween activities

Halloween vocabulary song

Halloween vocabulary

Halloween vs All Saints' Day information in Spanish

Pumpkin cake
½ kg of boiled pumpkin
½ kg of flour
½ kg of sugar
6 eggs
½ glass of oil
1 grated lemon peel
1 grated orange peel
2 baking powder bags
A pinch of cinnamon
Sunraisins and nuts/ chocolate

Beat well all the ingredients with a mixer and set the mixture into a baking tin, before remember to spread butter or oil and some flour on it.
Spread the nuts and the sun raisins on the top and cook in hot oven (175 º) for 30 minutes

Bon appetite!