martes, 10 de octubre de 2017

The 12th of October it's Hispanic Day

Resultado de imagen de long weekend

National Day of Spain
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Resultado de imagen de long weekend

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  1. On Thursday, the 12 of october 2017, we celebrate the day of hispanidad or national festival, besides we celebrate the religious festival of the virgin of the pillar from Zaragoza. In other countries is celebrated the day of race, like the Unites States y south American continent. In the Unites States, it name is Columbus day. In Chile, Perú, Argentina is denominated the day of the meeting of two world

  2. The bridge of hispanidad many people go to holidays to know other places. That day is festive. I was in Motril. I was fishing on the beach. I had a great time. I fish variety of fish like Dorada, Sargo. The Weekend went to Tocina, Sevilla`s town, at a friends house. where we were dancing, drinking and eating many varieties of foof. We had a great time.

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  4. The 12th of October is National Day in Spain.
    This day Christopher Columbus discovered America.
    Is the day of Pilar in Aragón, in a party very important for theirs.
    The armed forces made a parade in the sky,and the militaries made a parade in the earth. Is parade very, very beautiful to see in the television.
    Is a special day in Spain but too is polemic day.


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